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Micro Stories

Microstories is a high-end product design collection, created by Labobin, Istanbul based multidisciplinary design studio. The collection reveals the phenomenal moments, ocurring as a result of human-nature-object interaction, with an experimental storytelling. Stories come to life through the interaction of the user. Users reach the light by experiencing this innovative storytelling form.


The concept is based on triggering the emotions evoked by the universal connotation and playing with the codes of the mind by changing the place of impacts and responses. The user, who was the observer, is now involved in the story as the storyteller of the scenes -inspired by moments that stimulate impulses such as fear, curiosity, desire, joy and pleasure..


As a result of the design process , technology becomes the touchpoint of the stories by the infusion of electronic boards, feelings and impulses. The process starts with a mischievous thought, progress with researchs and experimentations then transformed into micro stories in computational environment. Harmonious process that brings together high technology and traditional production methods ensure the perfect coexistence of stories.


LabobinĀ is an innovative experience centered multi-disciplinary design agency based in Istanbul; creates spaces, products and brands as treating design, development and production processes as an integral comprehension. Labobin team consists of architects, scenographers, designers and engineers.