Microstories' first design collection launched at Contemporary Istanbul 2019 International Art Fair. In this event, the brand's first meeting with the audience, 4 story inspired products, "Extase" "Phobia" "Happy End" and "Delirium" was exhibited. Products were exhibited in a "micro story laboratory", where the creative processes and design approach were presented to the visitors through the performance of the laboratorians - storytellers of the brand.

The scenography has been designed as a semi-transparent white cube that provides visibility through the interior. The cube is divided into 4 sections; at the center, there are dioramas depicting inspirations of stories and revealing the production processes. Across the dioramas, products are placed on display units located at each fa├žade of the laboratory. Visitors communicate with the creative world of Microstories through these display units and observe the demonstrative performance of storytellers. Audience followed the performance by turning around the laboratory located at the center of the exhibition area.

A lighting setup accompanied the performance to accentuate the outputs of the laboratory; As the storytellers interact with the product, Cold white lights of the laboratory leave their place to the warm light of the product that allow the visitors to focus on the story.

Microstories launch exhibition at Contemporary Istanbul 2019 visited by approximately 60000 visitors during 5 days.